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What is the Difference between BO-Cash® and other Simulations?
The main difference between BO-Cash and other business management simulations is the market model, which can reflect the current market in an realistic way. If you are interested in some further details of this market model, you can find here some of the highlights:
  • Free adjustable market model
    The calculation of the market shares is based on an interdependent system of the marketing mix. The interdependence between the price policy, advertising, distribution and research is realised by multiplication of the single instruments, where each instrument can be adjusted separately from each other. The administrator has the possibility, to change the influence of the single instruments at every time as well as under dynamic aspects. A detailed report for the administrator shows all of the result for the companies for every single instrument and allows him exactly to determine, why a company is successful and others not.
  • Realistic market mechanism
    The market model of BO-Cash has fixed some effects, which you could find in other simulations in the past. For example the situation, that other companies gets good results only because of the disability to deliver the demand of other companies is fixed in that way, that the behaviour of the simulation is adjustable. Therefore the simulation covers the needs for short product life cycles or change management as well as the level of arbitrage effects on transparent markets or customer loyalty.
  • Different scenarios
    The market model allows extreme decisions of the participants, like giving up a market up to giving up the hole company. This allows a dynamic and continuous simulation with changing participants, as well as preconfigured scenarios like "big company against some small companies".

Some more differences:

  • Mail / Internet-Interface
    BO-Cash is suitable for the use as a online simulation over a network or over the internet. Beside the functions for import- / export, BO-Cash provides interfaces for Mail as well as for HTTP /FTP, which allows a direct data exchange with participants at different locations.
  • Software-Update
    The update module allows to update the software over the internet. All components including the online documentation as well as the needed update for the operating system can selectively be downloaded and installed. The integrated software distribution can than be used for installing the updates on the clients.
  • Protocol module
    BO-Cash supports a protocol module, which allows to analyse the decisions within the simulation. The administrator can later analyse the behaviour of the participants and take influence to the simulation depending on the results. An other usage of this protocol module is the analysis of the results, if BO-Cash is used for personnel election purposes.
  • User interface
    BO-Cash has a modern, well known user interface, which follows the user interface an the handling of most of the Microsoft products. Therefore you don't need any preparation for the usage of the simulation. Additionally, there are no special system requirements, BO-Cash runs on nearly every windows system, which a habitual configuration.

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