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The following table gives an overview about the most important capabilities of BO-Cash®:
Name of the game BO-Cash® Business Management Simulation
Year of creation 1995 - 1997 (further development)
Author Dipl.-Bw. Martin Bembenek in cooperation mit Prof. Dr. M. Sturm, Dipl.-Bw Andreas Düren / University of Science, Bochum
Institution logic systems GmbH
Available from logic systems GmbH, Am Feldbrand 9, 44879 Bochum, Germany
Available as as software, as seminar, as online game, as assessment
Characterization general simulation under competition
Company type Production, Merchandise
Simulated segments common business under competition
Branch Production company including merchandise activity, fully adjustable to branch specific items
Markets 1 to 4 Markets, adjustable during the simulation
Products 1 to 3 Products, adjustable during the simulation
Decisions Production, prices, advertising, transportation, distribution, research, machine plant, financial, personnel, auxiliary conditions
Main target Understanding of dependencies and interactions (micro- and macroeconomic), planning and control of strategic decisions
Number of decisions min. 80 with all options, but adjustable by the game administration
Time 1 quarter
Complexity wide rage of complexity, adjustable from very easy up to high complex
Time need depends from objective 3 - 5 days (as a block seminar)
Time need per period 2 - 4 hours per period (depends from progress and complexity)
Max participants unlimited
Max groups unlimited (depends from licence); economic reasonable 3 - 6
Max participants
per group
unlimited (depends from licence); didactical reasonable 4 - 6
Target group Further education of all management levels, universities, assessments. Wide rage of complexity
Current main usage Universities, industry, business schools
since 1996
Documentation BO-Cash® Handbook, BO-Cash® Users manual, BO-Cash® Administration users manual
Languages multilingual, currently available in german and english
Needed equipment IBM comp. computer which fulfils the system requirements of the operating system.
Windows 7 or higher
Additional Information BO-Cash® is designed t as a competition simulation. The maximum number of participants depends from the number of bought licences. Which of the companies are in competition to each other can be adjusted by the administration of the simulation.

The complexity of the simulation is adjustable by the administrator. A adjustment to specialized need is possible all the time.

BO-Cash® has a new and realistic market model, which can be freely predefined and is adjustable during the simulation.
Literature (see "Documentation")

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