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For which kind of Companies is BO-Cash® suitable?
Overview: Content:
- The market
- The product
- The cost management
- Educational targets
- Our company is different...
- Soft-Skills
- Result
On trade fairs, we are often asked for specialized simulations i.e. for merchandise or service companies, insurances or banks. Of course, we can develop your own specialized simulation, but read here, why we have not developed a general Product for these companies.

As a general business simulation, BO-Cash is targeting the main mechanism, how markets are working. These are the substantial basics facts, without them every analysis of specialized markets is like reading the coffee grounds.

  • The market:
    The main base for all company types is a big, more or less transparent market, which changes continuously. This big market is the unified sum of all of the customers, that means, a market are people. All companies are acting on the same market with their customers and in competition with other companies and have to accept its mechanism. BO-Cash shows this market in a simple way, regarding the competition and the most important instruments and influences. The market itself is no simulation, the members on these markets are absolutely real and therefore the effects. These of you, who have the knowledge of the market mechanism have the chance to take an influence to this markets or at least can be successful.
  • The product:
    Products and services are offered to the customers on markets. You can observe, that some companies with very good products have a poor performance and others, selling bad old stuff are making the big deal. Patently, there must be other factors, why some products are successful and others not. Particularly strategic aspects have an important influence, how the customers will react. The knowledge of the customers, the knowledge of their basic needs and behaviours is one key for the success.
  • The cost management:
    Not the turnover is the important criteria, every company has to realize a profit. Every product, independent of the kind of product, produces costs. The sold products are covering these costs and the difference is the profit. While these costs are changing over the time and therefore the ability to cover production and other costs, the cost control is the instrument for a lot of internal decisions. The product life-time in a consume orientated community get shorter and shorter and therefore the cost-control is one of the most important instrument to control prices, the right product portfolio and to ensure the further existence of the company.
  • Educational targets:
    A successful strategy for a company depends on a lot of factors. The knowledge of the market, the knowledge of the customers, cost control, personnel development are only a few of them. BO-Cash shows the global interdependencies of these factors and allows the participants to understand the dependencies, to valuate the different aspects and as a result to create new ideas and strategies. Maybe there exists one way to success and somebody knows. You don't know it, therefore you have to make the best of your resources. BO-Cash will not cement the mistakes and behaviours of the past, BO-Cash will open your mind for the future. That is the reason, why BO-Cash is a global simulation and not a repetition instrument of the methods from yesterday, which are documented in all of the books about marketing, management and product strategies.
  • Our company is totally different...:
    Of course, you are as different as all of the other companies, millions of products are sold every day. And every products is individual and have its own rule. Even products, which seems to be equal have a different behaviour, you can buy big apples or small apples. And because of these differences, no concept and strategy of another company will fit to yours. You have to create your own strategy depending on your resources, products and your personnel staff. But before you can do this, you need to know the global rules. So, do the first step before you do the second.
  • Soft-Skills:
    You should not forget some other aspects. BO-Cash is intended for several participants within a group. Therefore this groups has to organize itself. The group will make the experience, that only all together can create a successful strategy. Additionally, the view behind the own walls, the recognition of the own position and the position of other people in the very high complex system of a company is a very important experience and raises the identification with it. Last but not least, the understanding of costs within a company, the responsible dealing with money and the way to get it managed. What is the best turnover, when the profits are thrown out of the window.
  • Result:
    Specialized simulations are able to show the status quo in one of the many segments of a big market. Because of their small horizon, they have to work with static, predefined and assumed values at the interface to the global market. Because of the dynamic behaviour of markets, these interfaces can never be actual and the simulation must be permanently readjusted. Specialized simulations are a highly recommended instrument for beginners, to learn the current rules or for the training of special segments as far as the global view is not an educational target or the participant are able to consider this fact.

    BO-Cash as a global market simulation is a closed system, so no readjustment is necessary because it readjusts itself. Additionally, all changes to the markets are reflected by the participants, they are the market, not the software. And at least, BO-Cash is not the instruments to teach rules, BO-Cash shows the mechanism and consequences, the rules are also made by the participants.

    That means in fact, that the company type and market type does not really a matter for BO-Cash, because the participants within a company will bring in their behaviour to the simulation, as company manager as well as a customer.

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