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BO-Cash® as a Language Trainer
The increasing internationalization of the economy strongly requests more and more the knowledge of international languages. In the meanwhile, languages courses are one of the standard components of the further education programs of the companies. Today, employees of the younger generation normally have a basic knowledge of one or more international languages.

But it has to be asserted, the most of the knowledge from school or hardly learned in courses is forgotten after a while because of slightly training or practise. Additionally it's mostly a problem to find the right word in the right context.

In fact, is wasn't our idea to use a business simulation for language training. It was first used for foreigners to train the german language. But it is as more as fascinating to think about the the profits by using it in that way:

Bullet Your participants will profit from the economic and strategic content of the business simulation.
Bullet Your participants will learn the language specific terms which are uses by the simulation and the corresponding documentation.
Bullet Your participants will not learn single words and expressions, they learn within the dependencies. They will be permanent confronted with all the terms within the simulation and they will begin very quick to think in the language of the simulation.
The underlying method is not new. You can find it in the theory of "holistic learning". This main intension of this theory is not the learning of single facts or words, but the contention with the complete situation. While the simulation, you will not learn the terms because you have to learn them, you will learn them because it is necessary to understand the simulation. The language is the way to communicate and there is no success without communication.

And this will additionally supported not only by the user interface of simulation, but also by the documentation and the online help, which is language specific. And additionally, we can support you with an native speaking trainer.

Remember back to your time at school. You have learned one or more other languages. But what was the result of all of the years? You was happy to get together a few sentences in the right way. These of yours, who had the possibility to spend some time in the country itself, had learned more in a few week than in the whole years of school. Additionally, you can remember a lot of things you have experienced there.

This efficiency of learning has a very simple background. You do not learn by expanding your vocabulary with a few new words, you hear and see something in its context, in hole sentences or phrases, you practise it by repeating what you remember, you have to communicate all the time. Think about your children, they never have the chance to learn a vocabulary, they have no reference language. They learn only by hearing, by seeing and repeating.

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