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The Competition Business Simulation BO-Cash® in an Overview
BO-Cash is a business simulation under competition between several companies of a branch, developed for education and further education purposes. The oligopoly market is characterized by a few big sellers (the participants) and a lot of small customers, which are not further specified. Every participant group have to manage their company by raising their own success by a high productivity of the own company and a skilfully strategic planning.

The main target of the simulation is, to allow the participant to make a lot of decisions (i.e. production, sales, marketing, financial) in a limited amount of time and to calculate the resulting consequences in the most accuracy way. Thereby the level of reality is one of the most important aspects.

The administrator of the simulation can take a precise influence to the simulation by setting up the market and product conditions and by changing them during the simulation. Realistic product and market behaviour is adjustable as well as the influence of real time events and incidents.

BO-Cash was developed from Dipl. Bw. M. Bembenek in cooperation with Prof. Dr. M. Sturm, which was the head of the "Centre of Education and Development of Quantitative Procedure and Business Simulation" of the University of Science, Bochum, and Dipl. Bw. A. Düren.

BO-Cash is based on a complex database system, which calculates the results of the companies from more than one thousand base values of the initial configuration and a lot more resulting from the decisions of the companies. The company members gets a structured periodic result report, including usual economic sheets like a balance, a profit and loss calculation, calculation sheet for the operating result or a financial report. A lot of these reports are available in real time, that mean, that the participants can see their planning results as far as they have felt a decision. After all decisions are done, the administrator closes the planning period and results of the own strategic planning, the market shares and some results of the competitors are available.

BO-Cash is available for all common and newer windows platforms. BO-Cash supports its own user management and security system and is easy to use in a network or internet environment as well as on stand alone machines.

Additional to the software itself, logic systems provides you with highly qualified trainers with the experience of many years, leading business simulation and management seminars and which are perfect educated administering the BO-Cash business simulation.

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